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The Residents of Vampyre Falls

Vampyre Falls: Animal Heat by Adrianna Dane

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from Amber Heat

Hot. Hard. Handsome. And dangerously ravenous--for Rainna Spaulding. Rainna knows there's something different about Treynor Black and if she could just keep her hands off him for five seconds she might find out what it is. But two seconds in his company and she's overwhelmed by the most intensely lustful, searing heat she could imagine, and common sense is not on the menu. So what if he likes his meat rare and his rendezvous at midnight during a full moon. She could handle it. He had secrets, well so did she.

And then she meets his brothers, Carson and Donovan. Talk about turning up the heat to scorching. Who were these brothers...or maybe she should ask what were they?

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Vampyre Falls: Morganna's Sacrifice by Adrianna Dane

Now Available

from Amber Heat

Morganna Starlight, a faery doctor, and Keelan Moonhunter, a dark elf, were once passionate lovers separated by a goblin's hatred and betrayal. That same hatred reunites them through another savage act, but there are painful memories that still haunt them both. One being that Keelan is now an elven vampire. Will Morganna sacrifice everything she has ever known to remain with her dark lover? Or will Keelan's torturous past separate them forever?

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Vampyre Falls: Heartbreak by Adrianna Dane

Now Available

from Amber Heat

 There's a new female destined for Vampyre Falls and she's meant for Carson Black. There's no resisting the primal call of the blistering, unquenchable hunger of the animal heat. Treynor and Rainna discovered its power. And now it's about to claim Carson, the least likely of the brothers to be conquered. Or so he thought.

Petra Thornton is nothing like he expected. A captive used as a bargaining chip in a dangerous game. Yet, somehow, she's everything he desires, but should hate.

In Vampyre Falls, beneath the full moon, passion burns hot and lasting. If they don't die first.

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History of Vampyre Falls

Vampyre Falls

Centuries ago Vampyre Falls was founded by an alliance of vampires. They were each tied by the blood of Luther, the master vampire who had made them all. They fled across the barren, icy frontier of Russia, to escape their pursuers and founded a sanctuary high in the mountains of Washington state and kept to themselves. They formed a covenant with the human citizens of Silver Creek, thus creating their first line of defense against attack.

Thirteen vampires crossed the frontier--Illona, Daffyd, Lianna, Marcus, Karra, Lukas, Miriam, Morgan, Victoria, Andrea, Stefan, Amelia, and Jonathan--to find safe haven deep within the caverns beneath the falls. Little did they know what sort of sanctuary they had created.

A thousand years later, a new government is formed, one which will either harness the power of the paraspecies or destroy them all. A shadow arm of the government has been formed to accomplish the task-the PIA (Paraspecies Investigative Agency). It is an organization of skilled assassins.

Thus begins a war that unites shifters, vampires, werewolves, and humans with highly developed abilities. All seek sanctuary in Vampyre Falls.

A new battle is about to begin.


The Vampyre Council


The Vampyre Council of Thirteen


Close to 3,000 years old. Originallly from Egypt (1200 B.C.) A Nubian slave.


Almost 1,000 years old. Originally from England (1066). A warrior of the Norman Conquest.


Almost 2,000 years old. From Ancient Rome, during the time of Caligula (41 A.D.)


Almost 1,000 years old. A Knights Templar. (c. 1119 A.D.)


2,000 years old. From Athens (c. 430 B.C.)

Lukas Emmanual

Over 2,000 years old. From Pompeii (79 A.D.)


Over 2,000 years old. From Ancient Greece during the time of Alexander (332 B.C.)


Approximately 800 years old. From the Mongol Empire in the time of Ghengis Kahn (1224 A.D.)


Approximately 600 years old. From Italy, during the time of Florence d'Medici (1478 A.D.)


Over 2,000 years old. From the time Boudicca defeated the Celts (61 A.D.)


800 hundred years old. From the time of the Incas (1200 A.D.)


800 years old. Japanese. Time of the Shoguns/Samurai (1150 A.D.) Sister to Jonathan.


800 years old. Jananese. A Samurai rebel. (1150 A.D.) Sister to Amelia.

All sired by the vicious, sadistic ancient, Romulus. An undead created more than 4,000 years ago.

Once lived as human during the time of King Gilgamesh. (2000 B.C.) These thirteen banded together

and escaped his ruthless stranglehold. Now they represent the ageless ruling vampire council in Vampyre Falls.

But the battle is not over for Romulus still survives.




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